daughter Valeri, age 5, on her first bicycle, 1990Lee in Blackthorne Close HatfieldPedal power! Two five year olds: me on my first bicycle in Hatfield, England; and my daughter Valeri, age 5, on her first bicycle, 1990.  -->



Current road bike: Giant TCR Composite:

Feb-Mar-2012-Corona-bicycleSART signLee (white shirt) bicycling SART with friends, January 2012

Current mountain bike: Diamondback Sortie

Lee-FourCorners-081410mountain bicycling Chino Hills State Park, Sep 2010

Bicycle tour of Kilauea (Big Island of Hawaii) Volcano, December 2010


(Solo) bicycle tour of Santa Barbara County, July 2001

Lee bicycling Santa Barbara, July 2001bicycling Point Sal, California, July 2001